It’s only May, and the Spiderchain community is quickly expanding with new partnerships and key integrations to set the foundation for a sustainable and active network of builders and users. Growing a successful ecosystem on Bitcoin starts with collaboration. Support from strong industry partners is an essential catalyst for shaping the future of Bitcoin and creating a decentralized financial system on top of it.

With this series of recently announced partnerships with Botanix Labs, the future of the Spiderchain community has an even clearer vision shared by strong supporters who want decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin to win. Keep reading this post for an overview of each new partnership.


Since early 2023, the Vertex Protocol team has stayed laser-focused on building an industry-leading decentralized trading platform for all of crypto. Vertex and Botanix Labs understand that competitive and versatile trading tools are an essential component for any financial system but especially for a new ecosystem built on a global monetary protocol like Bitcoin. Vertex first deployed in the Ethereum ecosystem on the Arbitrium layer, but now their partnership with Botanix Labs brings them to the Spiderchain ecosystem on Bitcoin. Vertex is leading the way in bringing decentralized finance to Bitcoin.

Learn more about Vertex here.


Secure and reliable tools for speculation are important for any DeFi ecosystem. Decentralized perpetual futures trading platforms in particular are a core feature of crypto-native finance, and the Botanix Labs team is proud to welcome the BitPerp team to Bitcoin! BitPerp first deployed on Base, a second layer built on Ethereum, and now they’re planning to serve Bitcoin users by expanding to the Spiderchain ecosystem with full access to synthetic spot and perpetual leverage for trading Ordinals, Runes, and more! BitPerp and Botanix Labs believe that traders and investors should not be forced to leave Bitcoin to use tools like BitPerp on other blockchains. Bringing BitPerp to the Spiderchain is an important step in creating a vibrant DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin.

Learn more about BitPerp here.


Frax Finance first deployed its stablecoins and subprotocols on an Ethereum Layer 2, but this innovative team also sees the vision for a decentralized financial system built on Bitcoin. Botanix Labs is excited to welcome them to the Spiderchain ecosystem. Bringing one of crypto’s leading decentralized stablecoins and its supporting subprotocols to Bitcoin unlocks access to a mission-critical feature of every other DeFi ecosystem in crypto. Bitcoin users now have the tools they need to nurture a better version of these systems on the industry’s first and best blockchain.

Learn more about Frax here.


With billions in staked capital from more than 40 networks, the Luganodes team is the marquee provider for institutional-grade staking and node infrastructure in crypto. As part of an initiative driven by Lugano and Tether, Luganodes is focused on providing simple and secure services for onboard enterprise clients to crypto – and now they’re coming to Bitcoin, thanks to a strategic partnership with Botanix Labs. Building a robust ecosystem on Bitcoin is a puzzle with many important pieces, but the infrastructure built by Luganodes is a foundational component. The future of Bitcoin is bright.

Learn more about Luganodes here.


The Spiderchain ecosystem is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible not just on Bitcoin but for all of DeFi. Leading the way is the Bitzy team building the first Spiderchain-native decentralized trading platform with innovative features like fees remixing. This ambitious primitive is created to blackhole a meme economy in crypto into Bitcoin-native yield for the Spiderchain ecosystem. As a result, this core feature can use attention and capital allocated to memes to support fun and sustainable trading on Bitcoin.

Learn more about Bitzy here.


Kiln plays an important role in building the future of the Spiderchain ecosystem by bringing enterprise-grading staking infrastructure to Bitcoin. Through their partnership with Botanix Labs, the team at Kiln brings the future of simple and secure staking tools to Bitcoin-native DeFi users who expect end-to-end security and reliable interfaces for putting their Bitcoin to work. Any team in crypto can stake their bitcoin treasury directly or even bring staking to their users through Kiln white label product. Enterprise-grade staking on Bitcoin is made easy with Kiln.

Learn more about Kiln here.


Liquid staking applications are foundational building blocks for every DeFi ecosystem, and the Botanix Labs team is thrilled to see the Spiderchain-native team at Rover come out of stealth! With Rover, users in the Spiderchain ecosystem can unlock liquidity, earn rewards, and explore new opportunities for putting bitcoin to work. In addition to many established DeFi teams migrating to Bitcoin from Ethereum, the power of the Spiderchain’s simplicity and utility is showcased by teams like Rover building from the ground up on Bitcoin.

Learn more about Rover here.


Many bitcoin investors want to hodl, but most investors want to put their bitcoin to work.

The Solv Protocol team understands this, and their priority partnership with Botanix Labs enables users and builders in the Spiderchain ecosystem to earn native yield on Bitcoin. By bringing SolvBTC to the Spiderchain, Solv gives access to high-quality yields through an expansive liquidity network that helps users make the most of their bitcoin. Outside of Bitcoin, the Solv team has deployed on BNB Chain and Arbitrum, and now their plans to expand to Bitcoin’s Spiderchain will allow bitcoin holders to put billions of dollars in dormant capital to work in exchange for a staking yield.

Learn more about Solv here.


Palladium is building a Spiderchain-native, Bitcoin-backed stablecoin that officially released its private testnet! Both teams at Botanix Labs and Palladium understand that stablecoins are essential infrastructure for any DeFi ecosystem. Bitcoin is no exception. But it’s also crucial to safeguard against many of the risks that commonly disrupt this type of decentralized financial (DeFi) infrastructure. Palladium Labs designed their stablecoin (PUSD) to be over-collateralized, which means every stablecoin mint is required to meet a minimum collateral ratio of 110%. And no governance changes or administrator keys can censor or manipulate the stablecoin’s algorithmic monetary policy. The future of Bitcoin-backed stablecoins starts with Palladium.

Learn more about Palladium here.

Master Protocol

The Master Protocol team is also joining the Spiderchain ecosystem through a strategic partnership with Botanix Labs that will introduce a liquid staking layer for Bitcoin users. Master Protocol’s core products include a yield platform, liquid staking, and liquid restaking that are designed to enhance liquidity and yield for its users. Bringing their liquid staking to Bitcoin on the Spiderchain helps bitcoin investors put their assets to work without leaving the Bitcoin economy.

Learn more about Master Protocol here.

Looking to the Future...

All the recent partnership between Botanix Labs and Bitcoin-aligned builders set the stage for the Spiderchain community to have an exceptional year forging a path toward a strong ecosystem built on Bitcoin. Each of these integrations and partnerships serve as foundational building blocks to power better user experiences and opportunities on Bitcoin. The future of Bitcoin is exciting, and the year (2024) isn’t even halfway over! Join us as we build!