Explore our plans for future development of the Spiderchain.


EVM Sidechain

A full node running an EVM equivalent sidechain. Users can port testnet bitcoin from and to Signet Bitcoin (a Bitcoin testnet). On the Spiderchain testnet, a faucet is connected to provide users with some test-Bitcoin on this early version of the Spiderchain. The EVM is equivalent so any smart contracts will work natively on this testnet using Bitcoin. Gas and transaction fees are paid in BTC.


  • Bridge & Faucet
  • Full EVM equivalence


Federated EVM Sidechain

In this version of the Spiderchain, we adopt a dynamic federated model. A single multisig set is established with known trusted federated members. New members can be added and removed. We will utilize a round-robin proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus model with N federation members. This design is comparable to Liquid (on Bitcoin) and Polygon (on Ethereum).


  • Secured by a permissoned Federation


Launch of Mainnet

Once the design is confirmed, audited and battle-tested, mainnet will be launched.

The mainnet Spiderchain will start off with a Permissioned Federation without Staking for selected partners.


Permissioned Federation with Staking

Building on the previous version, federation members now need to stake bitcoin after joining the federation. This introduces a new dimension to the consensus mechanism. It is worth noting that federation members are not slashed if they are not following consensus rules. There will be chain-halt until a new block producer is chosen.


  • Bitcoin staking
  • Proof of Stake
  • Bitcoin Verifiable Random Function (VRF)



Spiderchain Federation members will now be slashed if they are not following the consensus rules or they are unresponsive in any kind.


Spiderchain DynaFed

The full Spiderchain will come to life and introduce a series of decentralised multisigs, with a subset of federation members chosen to represent each multisig.


  • Series of multisigs
  • Sophisticated UTXO + wallet management


Permissionless staking

Once sufficient Bitcoin is staked on the network, and the network is sufficiently decentralized, we will allow permission-less staking.

Any person in the world will then be able to join and secure the Spiderchain network.


Fully Decentralized Layer 2

The Spiderchain will join the Lightning Network as the only fully decentralized and permissionless layer 2. Every person in the world will be able to run a full Spiderchain node, verify and join the network.

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Read our guide to becoming a Spiderchain ambassador, and find more information on program rewards, levels, and how to advance!