What is Botanix Labs?


Willem Schroé

Willem Schroé

At Botanix Labs, we’re on a mission to connect Bitcoin and Ethereum to empower families and individuals to truly own their money and financial future.

My journey to founding Botanix Labs began three years ago when I was living in Saudi Arabia. As I traveled through the Middle East, I witnessed the devastating effects of hyperinflation in Lebanon. I stayed with a family who had their life savings - nearly $200,000 - seized by the government due to hyperinflation. Witnessing their financial stability - and future- crumble sparked something inside me - a desire to find a way to protect families from such economic catastrophes.

That experience led me to create Botanix Labs, a platform that combines the strengths of Bitcoin, the most widely accepted digital currency, and Ethereum, the favored blockchain for creating decentralized applications (dApps). We’ve compiled a team of passionate experts to accomplish our goal of building an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on top of Bitcoin. This approach allows us to leverage Bitcoin's security while tapping into Ethereum's vast array of applications, bringing you the best of both worlds.

But it's not just about technology; it's about making a real difference in the lives of people across the world. One of Bitcoin's visions is to provide financial independence to unbanked and underbanked populations, groups ignored or underserved by traditional banking and financial systems. With Botanix, we aim to contribute to the vision by blending Bitcoin and Ethereum capabilities: Bitcoin's secure store of value gives peace of mind, while the Ethereum-based applications provide exciting opportunities for financial growth.

We want Botanix to be a platform for everyone, where you can explore decentralized lending, earn interest on your assets, and manage your wealth with ease. It's about empowering you to truly own your money and create a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

I invite you to be a part of this exciting adventure. Follow our progress, join our community, and let's build a future where financial freedom is within reach for all.

Willem Schroé

Founder, Botanix Labs