Botanix Labs is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Yala Labs, the team behind the Yala protocol that connects Bitcoin liquidity with a meta yield stablecoin. With this partnership, Yala Labs will use the Botanix EVM to expand the versatility and robustness of its suite of decentralized financial (DeFi) services, including lending protocols and stablecoin issuance.

Designed to serve a stable asset and liquidity enhancer, the Yala stablecoin (YU) operates across various ecosystems to increase efficiency without the need for bridges or relocating the underlying Bitcoin collateral. The Yala protocol empowers Bitcoin holders and users with expanded utility while maintaining the security of Bitcoin’s infrastructure. Key components of the Yala protocol include the Vaults module, the liquidation algorithm, the automatic stabilizer, and the insurance provider, among others.

Botanix Labs is proud to support Yala’s plans to utilize the Botanix EVM to support a wide array of important Bitcoin-native DeFi applications and services. Together, the Botanix and Yala teams will accelerate the development of a functional and innovative DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin.

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